The movement to plant mini forests is growing all across Canada, as more communities recognize the great addition these unique plantings provide to backyards, boulevards, and public spaces. In 2023 alone, GCC and the Network of Nature supported over 15 local plantings, installing over 6,000 trees.  

Many Canadians want to know how they can get involved and plant a mini forest in their neighbourhood. We’re here to help!  

Green Communities Canada and the Network of Nature are excited to launch a free online training course that will teach you everything you need to know to plan, plant, and care for a mini forest.  

This mini forest training course covers the following topics: 

  • Introduction to mini forests; 
  • Budgeting and fundraising;  
  • Site preparation and plant selection; 
  • Event day materials, and health and safety guidelines; 
  • Monitoring and maintenance guidelines; and 
  • Communicating the impact of your mini forest, including on social media, through press releases, and on the Network of Nature database 

This course was developed in 2023 through our National Mini Forest Pilot, and in partnership with the Network of Nature. The expertise from Dougan and Associates Ecological Consulting and Design features prominently in the course, including resources on soil preparation, plant species selection, and monitoring and maintenance. Wilder Climate Solutions provided professional quality video production and editing for the instructional videos throughout.  

In addition to the course, we have also developed a mini forest community of practice through the National Mini Forest Pilot. This community meets online for one hour per month to share ideas and resources supporting new mini forest installations. If you would like to join this community of practice, please contact Jenn McCallum, Green Infrastructure Program Lead.

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