About US

About US

The Green Communities story

Founded in 1995, Green Communities Canada is a national non-profit association of 20 community-based environmental organizations working together for a vibrant, equitable and sustainable future.

Our mission is to connect community-based climate action groups through a national network to share resources, inspire innovative programming, and elevate our collective impact. We know that working together is the only way to move the needle forward.

GCC’s current program areas of focus are home energy efficiency, stormwater management and active transportation. Member organization work cuts across additional program areas including waste, food insecurity, climate education, and youth engagement. We also work to influence government policy, at all levels, as it relates to environmental and climate issues.

We have a charitable affiliate, the Green Communities Foundation.

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Members contribute to the reach of our organization, making a difference in communities across the country.


Our work is making lasting change happen from the ground up. With your support, we can do more.



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