About US

About US

The Green Communities story

Sustainable and climate-ready communities are needed. We know this need is urgent. At Green Communities Canada (GCC), our work moves beyond the question ‘why’ and focuses on collaborative solutions to the challenge of ‘how’. 

GCC has been leading a community-based climate action movement since 1995, working together with non-profit organizations from across the country to advance transformative, equitable, and lasting change. 

 As a member-supported organization, our mission is to connect community-based climate action groups through a national network to share resources, co-create innovative programming, and elevate our collective impact.  

Fundamentally, we believe our model — which honours, mobilizes, and builds the knowledge and capacity found within communities — is and should be rooted in an environmental justice framework. We understand the climate crisis is also a crisis of inequity and disparity. Through our work we are committed to a path that is inclusive, humble, and contributes to reconciliation through action. 

Our work is informed by our core values: 


Deeply appreciative of this planet and the living systems that sustain all those that call it home. 


Driven to pursue community-based solutions and to support the people and organizations acting locally.


Open, humble, and always learning from others and from the land in this complex and dynamic world. 




Creative and collaborative in our approach, recognizing the strength to be found in diverse experiences. 


Determined to be inclusive and to take active steps toward supporting greater equity in our work and in the sector.


Committed to evidence-based decisions, transparency, and dialogue, ensuring accountability is centered in our approach.

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Green Communities Canada is a registered charity. Donate to support our work.

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Our work is making lasting change happen from the ground up. With your support, we can do more.