Strategic Direction

As a membership-based organization, our goal is to support and sustain grassroots-led climate action through leadership, connection, training, and funding. GCC is celebrating more than 25 years of collective impact, and as we look toward the next decade, we do so recognizing how pivotal this time is for the future of humanity and the planet. 

 Over the next five years, our aspirational strategic plan will guide our work as an organization; directly impacting our membership and rippling outward into the communities in which they, and we, belong. 

 Between 2022 and 2026, GCC will not only grow and diversify our membership, but will broaden the funding, resource-sharing, training, and backbone supports we provide to our members, because we know investments in community are essential to deepening their impact and ours. 

 Through our Strategic Plan, we commit to reconciliation not as a single objective but as an ongoing process in which we are invested. Our actions and approach will respect Indigenous rights, jurisdiction, and perspectives, and as we move forward, we will work to build stronger and more caring relationships. 

GCC also commits to being accountable about our progress. We will publish an Annual Report that includes key indicators related to our Strategic Goals. We will identify where we are succeeding, where we are meeting challenges, and how we are adapting and growing.


Between 2022 and 2026, we are committed to three key Strategic Goals:  

goal one: Strengthen
our Vibrant Collective

GCC is a growing national network that connects community-based non-profit climate action groups from across the country. GCC empowers and amplifies the work of our members through relationship building, knowledge and resource sharing, and collective advocacy. 

Goal Two: Accelerate Transformative Climate Solutions

GCC provides strong national leadership to help communities take meaningful local action to address the climate crisis. GCC’s programs and services are evidence- and member-informed, providing the supports necessary to accelerate grassroots solutions.

Goal Three: Build Organizational Resilience and Equity

GCC is a resilient organization with the financial, cultural, and structural assets needed to support a strong and diverse staff, membership, and board. GCC demonstrates an ongoing commitment to reconciliation, anti-oppression, and environmental justice. 

In our Plan, we have identified Strategic Approaches and related Measures of Success for each of our key Goals. We have also developed an Impact Model that illustrates how and why we do this work.  


Read our full Strategic Plan