Green Communities Canada is a network membership organization.

GCC’s network members are not part of our formal governance structure, but they actively participate in our collaborative activities and receive benefit from our resources and services.

We work with our members to provide targeted resources and supports that increase our collective impact, including: 

  • networking and peer learning  
  • capacity building opportunities 
  • services to support joint programming, and 
  • innovative program and policy leadership.

Our members are organizations that deliver a wide range of environmental programs and services. They are incorporated non-profits or Indigenous governments/organizations that lead on-the-ground change in their communities.

GCC has two types of network members:

    1. Full network members: Full network members may benefit from all GCC network meetings, shared resources, services, and programs.
    2. Associate network members: Associate network members may benefit from GCC’s network meetings and resources, but do not participate in GCC’s programs and services.


    Our members share eight core principles that ground our collective work and approach

    We recognize the urgent need for bold climate action.

    Greenhouse gas emissions must be significantly reduced and communities must be supported to adapt.

    We commit to an inclusive and justice-focused approach.

    The needs and voices of vulnerable and marginalized communities must be prioritized to address inequities.

    We honour Indigenous rights, jurisdiction, and perspectives.

    Reconciliation is an ongoing commitment made through restorative actions, words, and relations.

    We embrace the leadership of local actors and organizations.

    Communities are on the frontlines of climate change and locally led responses are the most dynamic and durable.

    We work collaboratively to strengthen and mobilize our sector.

    The climate crisis requires collective action and a sustained investment in mutual-support systems.

    We are guided by scientific data, and by local and traditional knowledge.

    Sound and inclusive decision-making considers scientific evidence and diverse lived experiences.

    We measure and transparently report on our impact.

    Consistent and accountable communication creates opportunities for shared understanding, growth, and reflection.

    We respect each other's areas of service and programming.

    Coordinated and mutually supportive approaches deepen our impact, as organizations and as a network.

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