Membership Benefits

Join Green Communities Canada to connect with like-minded organizations in communities across Canada; to share ideas, passion, and inspiration; and to work together for positive change.

Deliver Joint Programs

The joint programs model is an impressive innovation of Green Communities.

Here’s how it works:

Green Communities Canada leads program design, develops resources and communications strategies and materials, and contributes contracts or partial funding when possible. Green Communities Canada also provides training, coaching and mentoring, peer networking, high level partnerships, and joint reporting.

Member organizations deliver on-the-ground: they hire and manage staff, form partnerships, secure local funding, market, and provide customer service.

It works. Examples include our neighbourhood rain garden program, Depave Paradise, home energy audits, low income retrofits, Well Aware, and active school travel.

Members like the joint program model because it strengthens community-based programs, improves quality, provides much-needed support, and saves time and effort otherwise spent re-inventing the wheel.

Stay connected and build capacity

Our monthly newsletter shares valuable news, including innovative member programs, funding opportunities, and the latest from Green Communities Canada. Members exchange information about practical topics like insurance, non-profit salaries, board practices and policies, and phone systems.

We provide targeted how-to training on topics like video production, sales techniques, and social enterprise.

Members welcome the opportunity to identify themselves with a dynamic national movement. Citing membership in Green Communities Canada can help strengthen proposals and partnership development.

Policy Leadership

Membership also helps to bring the wisdom of on-the-ground experience to important public policy issues like home energy efficiency, green infrastructure, and active transportation. Together, Green Communities have a voice and an impact, provincially and nationally, with governments and larger partner organizations.

In the early 2000s, for example, we developed and field-tested the astoundingly successful home energy retrofit program, which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in energy savings Canada-wide. Later, we led an effective national campaign to reinstate the cancelled program.

We have also been long-time leaders in promoting walkable communities and active school travel, helping to put these neglected priorities on the map and promote real action.

In Ontario, we have represented the non-governmental sector in provincial deliberations about using green infrastructure to manage rain where it falls, and reduce runoff volumes and pollution.

Become A Member

Eligibility requirements:

  • incorporated as a non-profit
  • deliver community-based environmental programs
  • serve a defined geographic territory (e.g., municipality, county, region)
  • have your own board of directors (i.e., not a project of another group)
  • have paid staff

Full membership, with voting rights, is $500 annually.

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