Our Programs

Our programs focus on local and national climate action priorities. 

Across Canada, household energy use and transportation are two of the biggest sources of GHG emissions. GCC’s programs target those high emitting sources, offering residential energy efficiency and active transportation programs and services that enable our members to mitigate emissions in their communities and accelerate low-carbon transition.

We also know that many communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. To advance adaptation, GCC’s programs address key risks and reduce local vulnerabilities. Our green infrastructure and water programs equip our members with the tools, funding, and peer-leadership needed to increase resilience, and support nature-rich cities.   

Active Programs:


Improving home energy efficiency reduces our environmental footprint, saves money and increases comfort. Green Communities Canada and its members have delivered professional energy audits and connected homeowners with incentives for over 25 years. Get a home energy evaluation and save on energy cost with the new Greener Homes Grant.


More walking and wheeling to school means safer school zones, healthier children, cleaner air and better academic performance. Our Ontario Active School Travel program is working with a host of partners to reverse the decline in active school travel with proven effective tools like School Travel Planning and the Walking School Bus.

CESBA image


Through research, advocacy and knowledge sharing, the Canadian Electric School Bus Alliance (CESBA) is working to accelerate the transition of Canada’s 51,000 school buses to electric power.

School Travel Planning

School Travel Planning is our community-based model that systematically addresses barriers to and incentives for walking and wheeling to school and strengthens local commitment to active and sustainable school travel. 

School Streets

School Streets encourage active transportation and social connection by creating a temporary car-free zone in the streets adjacent to a school. 

School Travel Data Collection

Data collection initiatives help communities gain insight about student transportation patterns and address barriers to convenient and safe active school travel. 

Depave Paradise

Depave Paradise empowers community organizations to create new urban greenspace by tearing up unused pavement and planting gardens. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to make it happen.

National Mini-Forest Pilot

Mini forests provide many benefits to urban areas, including biodiversity and carbon sequestration. This program provides communities with the guidance they need to plant dense native tree communities in small urban plots, and supports Canada’s goal of planting two billion trees by 2030.  

Green Infrastructure in an urban setting

Living Cities Canada

Living Cities Canada works to advance green infrastructure in cities and towns across Canada. The project aims to create communities where green infrastructure is equitable, abundant and thriving.

RAIN Community Solutions

Slow it down. Soak it up. Keep it clean. Our award-winning RAIN Community Solutions program works with and supports municipalities, property owners and community groups to manage rain where it falls, reduce flood risk, and better protect our water.

RAIN Garden Master Class & Tour

RAIN Garden Master Class provides participants with all the resources and tools necessary to design and implement rain gardens at home and in the community.

Legacy Programs and Resources:

Well Aware

Well Aware helped residential well owners in Ontario protect their wells as a source of safe drinking water for their families.

WALK Friendly ontario

WALK Friendly Ontario was a recognition program that encouraged municipalities to create and improve spaces and places to walk by awarding Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum designations.

Canada Walks

A community with a large number of pedestrians is a good indicator of a sustainable communityCanada Walks promoted the value of walking and walkability, and worked with partners to help create walk-friendly streets and communities.