By: Jared Kolb, GCC Interim Executive Director, and Jenn McCallum, Green Infrastructure Program Lead 

Starting May 6 until December 31, 2024, Green Communities Canada (GCC) is piloting a 4-day, 32-hour work week comprising two streams: 

    • Stream A: Staff work 8-hour days from Monday to Thursday and have Fridays off 
    • Stream B: Staff work Monday to Friday, for 6.5 hours per day 

GCC will also aim to designate Fridays as a no-meeting, no-communications day, when no internal or external communications will be expected, unless urgent circumstances arise.  

The pilot will follow the  100-80-100 model,  wherein staff will be expected to meet 100% of their weekly productivity in 80% of the time (32 hours versus the typical 40-hour work week), while earning 100% of their current salary. 

“We’re excited about this latest HR initiative and eager to showcase our experience as we move through the pilot phase,” says Jared Kolb, Interim Executive Director of Green Communities Canada. “Our pilot builds on a growing international body of research that shows a 4-day work week increases productivity, enhances employee recruitment and retention, and allows for more creativity, focus and motivation.” 

GCC will conduct internal evaluations of the pilot, including before, during, and after, to determine whether to make the 4-day work week permanent. 

If you’d like to learn more about GCC’s 4-day, 32-hour workweek pilot project, please contact Jared Kolb or Jenn McCallum.  

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