Join Green Communities Canada (GCC) on Wednesday 6 April for a FREE half-day forum, Breaking Ground: Collaborative Community Greening where we will celebrate the wide-reaching impacts of Depave Paradise, and explore the many ways non-profit organizations, municipalities, and businesses have come together to transform their communities.  

For over 10 years, Green Communities Canada has coordinated Depave Paradise, a nation-wide program in which communities come together to rip up asphalt (by hand!) and replace it with beautiful community green spaces. 

Through a combination of talks, panel discussions, and workshops the forum will cover topics including: 

  • The History of the Depave Paradise Program 
  • Green Infrastructure & Place-Making 
  • Strategies for Community-Engaged Participatory Planning 
  • Community Support for the Depave Program
  • Long-term Depave Site Maintenance 
  • Selecting Plants for Depave Projects 

The event will feature presentations from organizations across the country delivering the Depave Paradise program, including Montreal Urban Ecology Centre (MUEC), Peterborough GreenUp, Green Venture, Environment Network, and Oakville Green

Click here for agenda and presenter information. 

Watch the forum recording below