The Living Cities Canada Fund

Everyone needs to be involved to advance equitable, abundant, and thriving green infrastructure. Our  Living Cities Canada Fund enables community-based organizations to grow support for green infrastructure and engage citizens in the planning, design, and implementation of local green infrastructure action projects. 

The Living Cities Canada Fund provides local organizations with training, funding, and logistical support to engage their community, advance local policy, and implement on the ground solutions. All participants are supported with GCC’s project management tools, training, logistical support, and communities of practice.  

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The Living Cities Canada Fund has three streams:

  1. The Transform Stream
  2. The Mobilize Stream
  3. The Demonstrate Stream

Transform Stream

Through our Transform Stream, we are supporting community organizations across Canada with significant funding and tools to create large-scale, equity-embedded, community-led green infrastructure projects.   

We provide partner organizations with trainings and processes to identify neighbourhoods with the highest social and environmental needs, and co-create green infrastructure sites where they are needed most.   

The Transform Stream is supporting 11 organizations from 2023-2024.   

Mobilize Stream

The Mobilize Stream supports community organizations to form strategic partnerships and alliances across communities within the environmental, social and policy realms to identify ways of advancing green infrastructure in ways that are equitable.  

This stream supports partner organizations to develop and deepen local green infrastructure policy pathways to help systemically embed green infrastructure into city-building and launch community forums or strategic meetings to identify local priorities, opportunities, gaps, strengths, and next steps.  

Demonstrate Stream

The Demonstrate Stream supports community organizations across Canada to create new, small-scale green infrastructure projects in their communities. These may be depave projects, mini-forests, rain gardens or more.  

This stream grants up to $15,000 to each selected organization to carry out this work. 

The Demonstrate Stream is now soliciting project proposals for 2024. Please complete our short survey to be considered for funding. 

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