Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program offered Ontarians up to $10,600 in energy efficiency rebates. 

HER+ offered: 

  • Up to $10,000 for energy efficiency upgrades 
  • Up to $600 for pre and post retrofit energy audits (one-time rebate) 


The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program is no longer accepting new applicants. The Canada Greener Homes Loan is still accepting applications and you might be eligible for other rebates.

Get a pre-retrofit energy audit

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus, or HER+, was a collaborative rebate program from Enbridge Gas and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) combining their Home Efficiency Rebate (HER) and the Canada’s Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) programs. 


 Who is Eligible for home efficiency rebate plus


  • Homes and cottages serviced by Enbridge Gas. 
  • Primary residences where homeowner IS NOT a customer of Enbridge Gas. 
  • Rental properties where tenant or landlord is an Enbridge Gas customer. 
  • Off-grid communities living in a permanent or long-term (5 years or more) settlement with at least 10 dwellings. 
  • Owners of some multi-unit residential buildings. 

Not Eligible

  • Homes that are not the owners’ primary residence and do not have an active Enbridge Gas account. 
  • Multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) with more than 3 storeys or larger than 600 m2. 
  • Cooperatives. 
  • Homes built less than 6 months ago. 
  • Mixed use buildings that are less than 50% residential. 

How To Participate in Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

Step 1: Fill out our form or call us at 1-855-640-1100 to book your pre-retrofit energy audit

Step 2: Finish at least one retrofit recommended by our registered home energy auditor

Step 3: Schedule a post-retrofit energy audit

Step 4: Our Green Community office submits the HER+ application for you

Step 5: Receive your rebates, including $600 for the energy audits

eligible retrofits include

Home Energy Audit

Up to $600

Rebate to cover a portion of the cost to have a registered energy advisor visit your home to conduct an evaluation.

Home insulation

Up to $10,000

Update your eligible attic/ceiling, exterior wall, exposed floor, basement or foundation, and crawlspaces by adding insulation.

Air sealing

Up to $1,300

Perform air sealing to improve the air-tightness of your home to achieve the air-change rate target.

windows and doors

Up to $325 for each

Replace your windows or glass doors with ENERGY STAR® certified models.

space & water heating

Up to $7,800

ENERGY STAR®-certified hot water heat pumps use up to 70 percent less energy. Ground source, air source and domestic hot water heat pumps qualify.

Smart thermostat

Up to $125

Upgrade to a smart thermostat to help improve your comfort and save money on your energy bill.

solar panel

Up to $5,000

Install photovoltaic solar panels to convert energy from sunlight into electricity.


 Up to $1,625

Protect your home from climate change-driven extreme weather events like flooding or power outages.

Retrofit Resources for homeowners

Creating a retrofit strategy can help you make the best use of available rebates and grants. Find out how deep energy retrofits can help you save on monthly energy bills, make your home more comfortable and reduce carbon emissions.