Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Natural Resources Canada Greener Homes Grant provides incentives for home energy efficient retrofits to help improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your environmental footprint, save money and increase home comfort.

Up to 700,000 Canadian homeowners are eligible for the program. Participants can receive up to $5,600 in total:

  • Up to $600 for two EnerGuide evaluations (one pre- and one post retrofit); and
  • Up to $5,000 for energy-efficient retrofits

What is an energy retrofit?

An energy retrofit is any work you do to make your home more energy efficient. It can be as simple as improving or replacing light fixtures, and installing low-flow faucets, to upgrading heating and cooling systems and appliances, adding insulation, and upgrading windows and doors.

Green Communities Canada, with its team of home energy advisors, will guide you through the entire process starting with a home energy assessment, and help you submit your application for the Greener Homes grant.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Contact a Green Communities office to help set up your Greener Homes profile
Step 2: Get a pre-retrofit Energuide evaluation with one of our offices
Step 3: Complete at least one retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by our Energy Advisor
Step 4: Setup a post-retrofit audit to claim your rebate

A couple of reminders for homeowners:

  • Save copies of all program documentation until March 31, 2028
  • All products used must be purchased in Canada. Online purchases are only eligible if they are ordered from an online distributor located in Canada.

Eligible retrofits

Home insulation
Update your eligible attic/ceiling, exterior wall, exposed floor, basement or foundation, and crawlspaces.
Up to $5,000
Perform air sealing to improve the air-tightness of your home to achieve the air-change rate target
Up to $1,000
Windows and doors
Replace your windows or glass doors with ENERGY STAR® certified models
Up to $5,000
Add a smart thermostat to help improve your comfort and save money on your energy bill (must be combined with another retrofit)
Up to $50
Make the switch to more energy-efficient heating equipment to save on your utility bill and reduce your carbon footprint
Up to $5,000
Renewable energy
Install photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight energy into electricity.
Up to $5,000

Who is eligible?

  • Homeowners in Canada, regardless of where you live, can participate in the initiative. (Residents of Quebec and Nova Scotia should book your EnerGuide evaluation through the provincial programs).
  • The home must be your primary residence.
  • The home must be older than six months, based on date of occupancy by first homeowner.
  • Only one homeowner per home can register. You will be required to provide proof of ownership (property tax bill number).
  • The following groups are also eligible under the initiative:
    • Indigenous governments or organizations
    • housing management bodies and other representative or Indigenous service delivery organizations with formal partnerships with Indigenous governments or organizations

Eligible property types

  • Single and semi-detached houses
  • Row housing
  • Townhome s
  • All-season cottages
  • Mobile homes on a permanent foundation
  • Permanently-moored floating homes
  • Mixed use buildings (residential portion only)*
  • Small multi-unit residential building*

* Multi-unit residential buildings over three storeys or over 600 m2 in footprint are not eligible

To learn more, call your local Green Community.