RAIN Garden Master Class

Take the RAIN Garden Master Class and expand your gardening skills

Fully online course with interactive advice and mentoring from industry experts  

RAIN Garden Master Class offers step-by-step instruction on how to design and build your own rain garden. 

Rain gardens help you capture water that runs off of hard surfaces, such as driveways, rooftops, and walkways. These beautiful gardens are designed to allow water to infiltrate back into the soil and remove pollutants from the runoff, thereby helping you manage rain water on your property. Learn more about rain gardens here. 

Rain Garden Master Class poster

Benefits of RAIN Garden Master Class

  • Six, pre-recorded one-hour classes. 
  • Take the course at your pace – links to online workshops and assignments will be distributed weekly and can be viewed according to your schedule. 
  • Interactive mentoring from experts. 
  • Peer support via online sharing for a period of 6-months while you build your first garden. 
  • Get a personal copy of Rusty Schmidt’s Blue Thumb Guide To Rain Garden Design! 
  • Certificates of completion awarded to all participants who build their own rain gardens within the 6-month period of support. 

During RAIN Garden Master Class you will learn

  • Why stormwater needs to be managed. 
  • The importance of properly-designed rain gardens. 
  • The principles of rain garden location, construction and maintenance. 
  • How to properly design and size rain gardens. 
  • How to select appropriate vegetation. 
  • How to design, build and plant a rain garden. 
Course instructors: 

Susan Bryan –  Michigan- Master Rain Gardener program founder, Master Gardener and Landscape Architect, Rain Garden Coordinator at the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office. 

Sean James – Master Gardener and award-winning landscape consultant, Sean James Consulting and Design. 

Sharyn Inward – Certified Rain Gardener and urban water expert.

The RAIN Garden Master Class is tailored towards hobby gardeners and professionals that want to learn more about the proper design, installation, and maintenance of rain gardens. Sign up today!