Living Cities Canada: Green For All

Living Cities Canada: Green For All is a pan-Canadian project launched in 2021 to advance green infrastructure (GI) in cities and towns across the country. It is coordinated by Green Communities Canada (GCC) with support from a team of partners including the University of Toronto, Green Infrastructure Ontario, and local environmental partner organizations in each of the five communities across Canada where the program is being piloted:

The aim of the project is to create Living Cities – communities where green infrastructure, like trees and woodlots, rain gardens and bioswales, green roofs and walls, wetlands and parks, is: 


GI is prioritized in locations with the greatest environmental and social need.


GI is the new normal; it is implemented widely and championed by diverse stakeholders. 


GI is installed, maintained,
functions well over the

Living Cities Canda will drive change from the “top-down” and from the “bottom-up” through two key strategies:

1. By building municipal capacity, support, and action for green infrastructure 

To build municipal capacity, the project team is assembling a “Living Cities framework”: a document that synthesizes key learnings about how municipalities in Canada and around the world have successfully implemented equitable, abundant, and thriving green infrastructure. Using this framework, the project team will collaborate with stakeholders to craft “Living Cities policy pathways” in each of the five pilot communities. These pathways will chart a course forward on what policies, plans, strategies, processes, and instruments can make each community a Living City.

People walking in an urban area with trees

2. By growing public awarenesssupport, and action for green infrastructure 

For GI to become the “new normal,” everyday people need to understand what GI is and how it benefits them and their communities. GCC is developing a scalable engagement campaign and messaging that will  support local partner organizations to tell exciting and powerful stories about GI and to involve community members in the movement.    

A section of Daniel St. was depaved in Smiths Falls by REAL and transformed into beautiful pollinator gardens

In March 2022, the Living Cities project team held a virtual forum that brought together green infrastructure practitioners, researchers and advocates from across the country. Explore the forum agenda, presentation slides, video recordings and summary note here.

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Partner: University of Toronto
Partner: Green Infrastructure Ontario

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