Become an Energy Advisor

Energy Advisors (EA) are in high demand across Canada, especially since the launch of the federal government Greener Homes Energy Grant. The government is investing in training EAs to meet increased demand. Young professionals with backgrounds in building science, the construction trades, and/or related fields are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

What is an EnerGuide energy advisor?

An energy advisor (EA) registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is a professional with the necessary credentials to deliver EnerGuide rating services for eligible homes in Canada, thereby helping our communities become energy efficient. EAs can also gain additional certification to deliver other services such as EnerGuide for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) and ENERGY STAR for New Homes.

To qualify to be an Energy Advisor, candidates must pass two exams — the Foundation Level Exam and the Energy Advisor (House) Exam.

Interested in becoming an Energy Advisor?

Join the growing number of EnerGuide Advisors in Canada who are making a difference by advising homeowners and their contractors on renovations and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Communities Canada and its regional offices are looking for qualified individuals to join our team. We have been training and supporting energy advisors for longer than any other Service Organization, and have successfully trained close to 200 energy advisors since 1998. As a non-profit organization, we are driven by our mandate to advance climate action and committed to ensuring our Energy Advisors have the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional service.

We are also committed to creating good jobs for people from under-represented groups, including Indigenous and racialized individuals, those who identify as LGBTQ+, and ones living in remote communities. Supports may be available to reduce barriers to participation. Please contact us for more information.


Meet your trainers:

Kai Millyard

Kai Millyard


Kai Millyard is the Service Organization Manager at Green Communities Canada, and has been a Registered Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada since 1999. He has been helping homeowners improve the efficiency of their houses for 30 years, and has trained over 150 Energy Advisors.

John Harris

John Harris


John Harris is a Professional Engineer, a home inspector, a trainer for the Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Institute of Canada, and has been a Registered Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada since 2000.

Kai & John are looking forward to training you.

NRCan owns and maintains the EnerGuide Rating System standard, and sets the requirements for training and certification of Energy Advisors. Candidates must be affiliated with a Service Organization (SO), complete training audits with their SO, and pass two exams to become registered.


Strong candidates are people who:

  • have a background in building science, the construction trades, sustainable construction practices, and/or related fields
  • are good listeners, communicators, and problem solvers
  • are proficient in a Windows-based computing environment

While a strong technical background is essential, energy advisors work with people. Helping homeowners overcome the barriers to deep retrofitting is our main mission.

The Foundation

NRCan’s Foundation Exam reviews a candidate’s background knowledge in construction practices, energy efficiency techniques, insulation materials, residential mechanical equipment, math skills, building science and more. Green Communities Canada will support you with training materials and advice to prepare you for the Foundation Exam.

The EnerGuide Advisor Training Program

Green Communities Canada’s Energy Advisor training course is in two parts, taken over two consecutive weeks. The classroom phase is four days and covers the following modules:

  • Introduction to the EnerGuide Rating System
  • Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation & Combustion Spillage
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Before the Evaluation
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Audit #1
  • Modeling houses
  • Audit #2
  • Developing Upgrade Recommendations
  • Reporting

We have noticed that in recent years that third-party training institutions, which are not Service Organizations, offer partial EnerGuide training courses online. This leaves candidates to complete further training with their Service Organizations. By dis-integrating the process, the length of the training program can increase while the quality is less certain. GCC is committed to a thorough and rigorous training program because we believe Energy Auditors have a vital role to play in advancing solutions to climate change and we want to ensure they have the strongest foundation possible.

The second week is hands-on and consists of completing EnerGuide Evaluations under the mentorship of your trainer. This intensive 2-week approach is highly successful in preparing candidates for the final Energy Advisor Exam.

Until public health restrictions allow in-person courses, classroom training is virtual, and the hands-on phase consists of candidates completing audits on their own schedule, with remote support and feedback from the trainer.

For those with partial training, or who have previous energy advisor experience, shorter customized training plans can be developed.

For more information contact tell us about yourself, where you are located and/or interested in working, and why you’d like to become an EA.