Board Of Directors

Our national board of directors meets quarterly to approve policies, budgets, and plans, and monitor progress
It is comprised of an equal mix of member organization representatives and “at large” non-members.
Board members are elected by GCC members at an Annual General Meeting each June.

Chris BirchalL

Appointed in 2012

Chris Birchall joined City Green Solutions in Victoria, BC in 2007, where he now works as a Program Coordinator on a variety of energy efficiency initiatives and partnerships. Chris has a Bachelor of Education, a Master’s in Environmental Design, and a certificate of Sustainable Building.


Appointed in 2016.

Alec is Executive Director of Red Squirrel Conservation Services, Kingston, ON. He has more than 25 years of experience in journalism, consulting, communications, and management. Alec is an award-winning writer whose works include Coke Stop in Emo: Adventures of a Long-Distance Paddler, about a cross-Canada canoe trip.

Dave Blake

Appointed in 2014.

After 27 years in the technology industry, Dave returned to school to complete his MBA in order to help organizations manage sustainability initiatives. In 2013, he joined Reep Green Solutions, a Green Communities Canada member organization based in Waterloo, ON, where he is currently Associate Director.

Kevin Behan

Appointed in 2014.

Kevin is Deputy Director of the Clean Air Partnership in Toronto, which fosters sustainable cities by conducting evidence-based state of the art research, and presenting results in accessible, practical form. He has a varied academic background in science, business, information technology, spatial analysis and GIS. His research interests include climate change, active transportation, and effective communication.


Appointed in 2010.

Since 2008, Ellen Mortfield has been Executive Director at EcoSuperior Environmental Programs, a founding member of Green Communities Canada. Under her guidance, EcoSuperior has become a respected leader in motivating public involvement in the environmental issues facing northwestern Ontario and the Lake Superior Basin. Ellen has a background in media, publishing, and marketing.

Kalen Taylor

Appointed in 2016.

Kalen is currently acting General Manager for Manitoba Green Retrofit Inc., based in Winnipeg, MB, a social enterprise that provides energy retrofits, renovations, and bed bug remediation. Previously, as Director of Projects for Aki Energy Inc, Kalen worked with First Nations across Manitoba to install over $18 million in community-owned renewable energy, and coordinated training for over 70 community installers.



Appointed in 2012.

David is Transportation Demand Management Program Supervisor at Halifax Regional Municipality, with responsibility for sustainable transportation initiatives. Previously, David was a manager at Transport Canada in Ottawa, where he led sustainable transportation funding programs and knowledge-building initiatives. David has a background in politics and environmental studies.


Appointed in 2016.

Tracy is Executive Director at Green Action Centre, a Green Communities Canada member based in Winnipeg, MB, where she works with a dedicated team of 12 to promote sustainable living. Previously she managed Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre, and was a program manager with the Department of Canadian Heritage. Tracy has worked with many communities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut.


Appointed in 2016.

Lucy is Executive Director of Faith & the Common Good, where she helps Canada’s diverse faith communities contribute to greener, healthier, more resilient neighbourhoods. Previously, she taught global sustainability at the University of Hong Kong and chaired the UK affiliate of Seacology, which protects island biodiversty. She has an academic background in economics and religious ethics, and a PhD in global politics from Johns Hopkins University.

Britt McKee

Appointed in 2017.

In 2018, Britt McKee became Executive Director of Ecosource, a Green Communities Canada member organization based in Mississauga. Previously at Ecosource she supported community gardens and urban agriculture in Peel Region. Britt’s background in environmental studies focuses on the social and environmental determinants of adolescent health. As a certified teacher, she has worked with diverse youth to promote environmental citizenship. She also has a background in community-based participatory research, and in managing multi-stakeholder planning initiatives.

DUKe trifunovik

Appointed in 2018.

Duke is an investment and financial planner with an academic background in business financial services. Currently, his adaptation of Responsible Investing enables clients to be educated in the environmental, social, and corporate governance practices of Canadian and global companies. Duke is Treasurer of GCC member organization Green Venture, Hamilton.