Clifford Maynes
Executive Director
Acting Director, Canada Walks
Tel: (705) 745-7479, ext.118
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Mary Anna Zakula
Executive Assistant
Tel: (705) 745-7479, ext.116
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Sé Keohane
Manager of Finance
Tel: (705) 745-7479, ext.112
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Sharyn Inward
Director of Water Programs
Tel: (705) 745-7479, ext.113
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Clara Blakelock
Manager, Water Programs
Tel: (705) 745-7479, ext. 159
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Claudia Foung
Information Manager, Water Programs
Tel: (705) 745-7479, ext. 153
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Alix Taylor
Manager, Water Programs
Tel: (705) 745-7479, ext. 114
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Kai Millyard
Special Projects Consultant
Tel: (416) 651-7141
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Kate Berry
Senior Program Manager, Active & Safe Routes to School
Tel: 1-877-533-4098 ext. 411 (messages only)
Fax: (416) 488-2296
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Wallace Beaton
Active and Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator – Ottawa & Eastern Ontario          Tel: (613) 724-2727
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Jessica Sheridan
School Travel Planning Facilitator – Ottawa
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Armi De Francia
School Travel Plan Facilitator – Toronto
Tel: 1-877-533-4098 ext. 411 (messages only)
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