Youth for Water present at Barlow book launch

YOUTH FOR Water participants are gaining valuable experience by developing and

Youth for Water participants shared details of their work at Maude Barlow's recent book launch in Peterborough, ON.

Youth for Water participants shared details of their work at Maude Barlow’s recent book launch in Peterborough, ON.

implementing their own community projects. They were asked to share their plans at the October launch in Peterborough of Maude Barlow’s new book, Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis.

Crystal Cowie’s project involves shoreline naturalization and turtle habitat restoration at the western beach of Serpent Mounds Park. Crystal aims to plant non-invasive plants to help prevent runoff pollution in Rice Lake. She also wants to transform the sandy area of the site into a turtle nesting beach.

Kristen Muskrat and Nat Cummings described the rain gardens they are building in their home community, Curve Lake First Nation. Kristin’s rain garden will be a teaching tool for the local school. Nat’s garden will be used to teach youth about traditional medicines and wild edibles. Both gardens will focus on native plants in an effort to reintroduce traditional plants into the community.

“Hearing Maude Barlow talk about the water crisis was inspiring,” said Kristen. “Being able to speak at the same event as her was an incredible experience.”

Youth for Water is a joint project of GCC and The Sacred Water Circle designed to give indigenous youth in the Kawartha region an opportunity to learn about water issues and become involved in water protection and conservation. It is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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