Youth climate videos

IN BOW VALLEY, AB, area high school and middle school students create videos to teach other youth and the general public about actions they can take to reduce climate change impacts.

climate kids

Jeff Horvath, Canmore Collegiate High School, watches his students edit their climate change movie.

The Bow Valley Climate Kids Project is hosted by the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley, located in Canmore, AB.

The effects of climate change on the natural and human environment are evident in the Bow Valley. There are water quality impacts of melting glaciers releasing atmospheric pollutants. There are economic and recreational impacts of changing winter snowpack conditions on ski hills and backcountry, and receding glaciers.

Students are helped by professional movie makers through workshops during which they write, direct and edit their own videos.

Watch some of the Biosphere Youth Movies, such as It’s Our Wild Life from the grade 7 students at l’École Lawrence Grassi Middle School. They show how to keep people and wildlife safe both around the home and out on the trail: cleaning a filthy BBQ, feeding pets indoors, taking down bird feeders. Some great puppetry included! 


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