Winter Walk to School Day 2016

Winter Walk To School Day, 3 February, is a great opportunity to encourage students to

Winter Walk to School Day 2016 is 3 February.

Winter Walk to School Day 2016 is 3 February.

bundle up and enjoy a brisk walk to school. Walking to school can be exhilarating and fun and lay the groundwork for improved academic performance.

Canada Walk’s Active and Safe Routes to School website offers suggestions for celebrating Winter Walk Day, including events for students who can’t walk to school.

Canada Walks encourages active travel to school year round through programs like the iwalk-iwheel club. Students who join the club receive their own “club card” to track active travel trips throughout the year. The club encourages friendly competition between classes, and provides incentives like waterless tattoos and stickers for student who sign up.

Tips for a safe and comfortable winter walk include:

  • Keep hands and head covered to prevent heat loss.
  • On really cold days wear a scarf over your face and mouth.
  • Wear warm, waterproof boots.
  • Wear a warm coat that deflects the wind.
  • Wear woolen clothing to help retain heat.
  • Wear clothing or carry knapsacks with reflective material – it’s important to be seen.
  • If possible, change wet clothes at school – tuck an extra pair of socks and mitts into knapsacks.
  • Avoid outdoor walking when the temperature falls below -25oC. It’s too cold.  Move your walk indoors or select another day for outdoor activities or walking to school.
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