What we work on

Positive action
for the environment

GREEN COMMUNITIES focus on the actions we can take in our daily lives – in our homes, our businesses, our communities – to build a sustainable future.

Our member organizations develop in-house programs that address the unique needs of their individual communities. But we also work collectively to develop and deliver programs on a national or provincial basis.

Our activities address a range of environmental opportunities including:

  • Energy efficiency. We help reduce the energy used to heat and power our homes and businesses.
  • Waste reduction. We help conserve resources and divert waste from landfills.
  • Green space. We promote natural yard and garden care, and sustainable land use.
  • Sustainable transportation. We help to create healthy communities where people walk, cycle, use public transit, and drive responsibly.
  • Water protection. We help to protect the integrity of ground and surface waters and to conserve water resources.
Policy change

Green Communities also deliver programs that change the way our political and social infrastructures facilitate environmental action in our communities. We actively champion important issues such as walkable communities, affordable energy for low-income households, and national home energy.