Welcome to New News, Annual Report

Back in April 1995, the first issues of the Green Communities News were printed out in hard copy and hand-faxed to a handful of recipients. How 20th century! 

Today, more than 18 years and 823 issues later, we are introducing a fresh new redesign of our popular newsletter, which is all about great work happening at the community level and beyond to promote positive action for the environment.

Welcome to the new GCNews. And welcome to our 2012 Annual Report

GCNews is the free biweekly newsletter of Green Communities Canada, a national alliance of organizations that provide community solutions for the environment, economy, infrastructure and health. We help people go green.

GCNews provides concise updates from Green Communities Canada, our member organizations, and non-members that do things we like. The news also includes resources, events, and more. We’ve introduced a longer article in each issue (with a link to the website blog) to provide greater depth on people, programs and news. Thanks to volunteer Jackie Donaldson for her lovely newsletter redesign. Feedback welcome.

We are always happy to have new subscribers. Did we mention that it’s free?

We also have a Facebook page for Green Communities Canada, and active pages as well as websites for programs like RAIN and Canada Walks. See our website for links to programs and member organizations.

2012 Annual Report

In 2012, GCC and our 28 member organizations across Canada had combined revenue of $24.7 million, over 600 employees, and over 6000 volunteers. Over 30 per cent of our revenues were from sales.

See our hot off the press 2012 Annual Report, an 8-page snapshot of our organization and members. The report includes program highlights, financial information, awards, and more. It also includes a page on our charitable affiliate, the Green Communities Foundation, which receives charitable donations in support of Green Communities activities.


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