The case for green stormwater infrastructure

Green Communities Canada has launched a webinar series that gives you access to some of

GCC's webinar series gives you access to some of the leading Canadian voices on urban stormwater adaptation.

GCC’s webinar series gives you access to some of the leading Canadian voices on urban stormwater adaptation.

the leading Canadian voices on urban stormwater adaptation.

“Sometimes it’s most helpful to hear directly from the experts,” explains Clara Blakelock (right), GCC Coordinator of Water Programs.

Although there is a wealth of information available from sources such as The Umbrella, the online community devoted to knowledge sharing about green stormwater infrastructure, the webinars provide an interactive tool for learning what your community can do to reduce flooding, improve water quality and start looking at rain as a resource.

The first webinar covered the business case for innovative stormwater solutions, with Christine Zimmer and Phil James, Credit Valley Conservation. Sign up for the entire series and receive a recording of this session and all other sessions.

The presentation lineup is:

  •         Laura Zizzo, Zizzo Allan Professional Corporation (28 November)
  •         Cheryl Evans, REEP Green Solutions (12 December)
  •         Chris Denich, Aquafor Beech (16 January)
  •         Denise McGoldrick, City of Waterloo (23 January)
  •         Dan Sandink, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (30 January)

Future topics include the need for innovative stormwater solutions, urban flooding, engaging the community in stormwater management and monitoring results from rain gardens and low impact development.

It would cost thousands of dollars to attend conferences where these experts regularly present. You can hear from them right from your own desk for only $150 for the entire series of six sessions.


This lunch and learn webinar series will provide the background, evidence, and strategies for the successful adoption of green stormwater infrastructure in an Ontario context, and beyond.

Descriptions and dates for the entire series here.

The next presentation is 28 November, noon-1pm EST, with Laura Zizzo, a lawyer and expert on climate change liability risks. She will describe how knowledge and understanding of climate change risks impacts municipal responsibilities and legal liabilities.

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