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Send your old car to heaven – and cash to us

The Green Communities Foundation (GCF) is a proud partner of Car Heaven, a national charitable vehicle recycling program. Car Heaven lets you get rid of your old, high-polluting clunker and donate the proceeds to a charitable organization.

Car Heaven is the only car recycling program dedicated to using auto recyclers that comply with the Canadian Auto Recycler’s Environmental Code. These recyclers reuse and recycle 80% of a vehicle and dispose of what’s left in an environmentally responsible way, keeping cars out of landfills and hazardous materials out of our air, ground and water.

“Older cars contain a lot of hazardous fluids and materials,” says Laurie Westaway, GCF Chair. “As an environmental charity, it’s important to us that Car Heaven ensures they are disposed of properly.”

Making a donation to GCF through Car Heaven is simple: call or fill out a form on-line and a recycler in your area will take care of the details, including towing away your car for free within seven days. You’ll receive a charitable tax receipt from GCF in about 12 weeks, based on the proceeds from your vehicle.

Recycling an old car can make a huge environmental impact. Older vehicles are typically less fuel efficient and lack the latest technology for cutting air pollution and reducing smog-forming emissions. A car from 2003 or earlier can cause up to 39 times more pollution than a newer vehicle.

To date, Car Heaven has taken more than 120,000 vehicles off the road and reduced smog-forming pollution by 4.925 tonnes.

The Green Communities Foundation is the charitable affiliate of Green Communities Canada (GCC). As well as receiving donations, it engages GCC to carry out programs that support a green and healthy future for all.

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