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Jori Baum, Healthy Homes Program Coordinator, Green Calgary

Jori Baum, Healthy Homes Program Coordinator, Green Calgary

What’s the best way to reduce your ecological footprint? If you live in Calgary, you can get some welcome advice from the Healthy Homes program.

Green Calgary’s Healthy Homes program helps local residents improve their personal health and the local environment.

“We work with families directly in their homes, providing accessible, easy-to-use information and the resources and tools necessary to create positive and lasting change,” says Jori Baum, Program Coordinator.

The program covers energy and water conservation, chemical use and indoor air quality, waste reduction, sustainable food choices and mindful purchasing.

“The holistic approach allows Healthy Homes staff to engage Calgarians in a deep and meaningful way,” says Baum.

The program involves two in-home consultations spread over a three- to four-month period, which allows participants time to implement any recommended changes to their surroundings.

The program is open to all Calgarians, including renters and owners living in apartments, condominiums, townhouses or free-standing homes.

“To date we have engaged over 1,000 households, installing water and energy saving devices while providing tools for waste reduction and improved indoor air quality,” says Baum. “Generous funding enables us to offer the program at a fraction of its real cost.”

Current funders of the Healthy Homes program include: The City of Calgary Water Services, The City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services, RBC Foundation, Arpi’s Industries, Sunnyside Natural Market; and several product sponsors, including Seventh Generation, Nature Clean, Rocky Mountain Soap, and Aspen Clean.

The Green Yards component of the program includes a yard visit, installing and using a rain barrel and/or composter, and advice on maintaining a healthy sustainable yard free of synthetic chemicals.

Green Calgary also offers a series of public lectures and workshops throughout the year. The Sustainability Series has engaged thousands of Calgarians in topics ranging from organic veggie gardening, to green energy options, to permaculture and canning.

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