The future

The future of home energy efficiency 

BESIDES DELIVERING and helping to develop great home energy efficiency programs, Green Communities have been leading champions of the larger cause of residential energy retrofits in Canada.

When the federal government cancelled the EnerGuide retrofit incentive in 2005, we successfully led the call for a renewed incentive program based on professional energy audits (ecoENERGY retrofit – homes).

Today, the fight goes on.

In 2012, the federal government shut down the ecoENERGY incentive program. Yet no more than 5 per cent of the home energy efficiency potential has been achieved.

Green Communities continue to work at all levels – federal, provincial, municipal – to promote our  vision of an energy efficient future. 

Richer and greener

This is no time to turn our backs on home energy efficiency. Instead, we need a concerted national effort to bring Canada’s aging housing stock into the 21st century – creating thousands of jobs and business opportunities, achieving billions of dollars in lifetime energy savings, improving home comfort, and boosting home value, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. 

The good news is that energy efficiency saves more than it costs – it can make us richer and greener.

Comprehensive strategy

Green Communities are working with others across Canada to promote a comprehensive strategy to upgrade Canada’s housing stock, including:

  • targeted “smart” incentives, 
  • innovative financing (includes on-bill, financing attached to property assessments) 
  • universal energy labelling of all new and existing homes (a consumer right that will help to transform the market)
  • bundled retrofit services (to make it easy for the homeowner, and reduce barriers to action)
  • community-wide retrofit programs, to mobilize participation and reduce delivery costs
  • vigorous ongoing improvements to codes and standards, and use of other regulatory levers

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