Get a home energy evaluation

EnerGuide Rating System

Get a home energy evaluation

A professional home energy evaluation from Green Communities will provide you with trusted advice about reducing your energy bills, improving comfort, and solving home performance problems like ice dams. You may be eligible for financial incentives. (See below.)

You’ll also do your bit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

Together with our local member organizations across Ontario, we offer science-based home energy evaluations to measure your home’s current efficiency, and outline priority investments for increasing your rating and reducing energy consumption.

Green Communities Canada is licensed by Natural Resources Canada to use the EnerGuide Rating System, Canada’s advanced system to rate home performance and provide recommendations customized for your home.

We’re Ontario’s first and most experienced EnerGuide provider. We’ve been in the business for over two decades, and we have helped over 200,000 homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Get up to $5000 in incentives

Ontario homeowners, are eligible for up to $5000 in incentives for completed home energy retrofits.


Incentives are distributed by Ontario’s two gas companies, and are available regardless of heating source and location. We can help you whether you live in Enbridge Home Energy Conservation territory or Union Gas Home Reno Rebate territory.

The first step in getting your cash incentive is to get a professional evaluation or audit from a Registered Energy Advisor. Contact your local office for more information (see below). You can also contact the Green Communities Canada office if you aren’t sure about your local provider.

Local offices

Here’s who to contact if you live in the following areas:

Or call Green Communities Canada: 1-855-640-1100 x0.