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Helping you save money and the planet

  • At EcoDriver we offer friendly, driver-to-driver advice, tips, and training for those who wish to cut fuel costs while also reducing their ecological “tire print.”

Why promote fuel efficient driving?

  • There is a 35% difference between the most and least fuel-efficient drivers on the road. Most can save 10 to 15% with simple changes to their driving habits.

Why promote fuelefficient vehicle choices?

  • Even within one vehicle class the differences can be staggering. The most fuel-efficient conventional mid-size uses one third less fuel than one in the midrange, and can save $7,000 in fuel costs over ten years.

Why promote driving less?

  • Short trips under five km are the least fuel efficient and most easily replaced by walking and cycling.

Our fleet training services produce documented fuel savings

  • In 2011 a customized Green Driver training program was developed by EcoDriver for the City of Calgary.
  • The training including a specialized train-the-trainer that enabled Calgary staff to lead their own classroom sessions – where almost 400 drivers were trained in the first pilot.
  • Our EcoDriver instructors also led a three hour intensive training with an in-vehicle practice component for an influential subset of Calgary fleet drivers.
  • On-board technology showed an immediate 18% improvement in fuel efficiency before and after the three hour intensive training session.
  • On-board monitoring for three weeks after the training showed idling was reduced by an average of 20 minutes per day.
  • When extrapolated across an entire city department projected annual results would equate to $19,000 in fuel savings and 37,000kg of CO2 emissions reductions.
  • More information about the program details and results is available here:

Community outreach programs reduce greenhouse gas emissions

From 2008 to 2011 Green Communities Canada and our member delivery agents developed and delivered an extensive EcoDriver program based on the principles of community-based social marketing.  Outcomes included:

  • 5,000 drivers trained through workshops and presentations at workplaces, community organizations, service clubs, community events, and more.
  • Follow up surveys distributed 8-12 weeks later showed significant impacts.
  • 88% reported reduced idling, with annual savings projected at:
      • $199,500 saved on fuel
      • 160,000 litres of gas not burned
      • 383 tonnes of CO2 not emitted
  • 71% reported slower speeds on the highway, with annual savings projected at:
      • $159,000 saved on fuel
      • 127,000 litres of fuel not burned
      • 305 tonnes of CO2 not emitted
  • 52% reported now checking their tire pressure monthly, with annual savings projected at:
      • $105,000 saved on fuel
      • 84,000 litres of fuel not burned
      • 201 tonnes of CO2 not emitted
  • To learn more about the program and how we integrated community based social marketing techniques, check out the case study we created for Tools of Change.


EcoDriver Challenge Days for Youth inspire the next generation of drivers

  • On April 12, 2011, Nascar Canada driver Joey McColm addressed an energized audience of Pickering high school students about transportation and the environment.
  • The 24 year-old race car driver explained that, although he and his NASCAR friends drive cars for sport, they also take alternative modes of transportation whenever possible. He often rides his bicycle to get around, and takes transit to save on gas and money. And for those trips where there’s no alternative but to take a car, McColm shared tips about how to save gas, such as not idling, maintaining proper tire pressure, and driving the speed limit on the highway.
  • The brief talk was part of an EcoDriver Challenge Day that also included small group activity centres for the students – they played EcoDriver word scramble and trivia games for a chance to win prizes.
  • The event was a great success, directly reaching two hundred drivers to be.
  • Since then Joey has returned for two assemblies at Aurora High School, where he talked to 320 grade 10 science students, and Archbishop Dennis O’Connor High School in  Ajax, where all of the school’s 350 grade 11 and 12 students were in attendance.

Recognition and Achievements

Partners and Sponsors

  • Since EcoDriver’s inception in 2008, we have been proud to work with many supportive partners and sponsors, including:

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