Applying for GCC membership

Applying for GCC membership

Click here, GCC Membership Application Form, to download a Word version of this document, which can be used to submit an application.

Application process:

  1. Review our website and read Green Communities Canada member benefits and Membership Policy. You may also want to read How to Grow a Green Community, available on the site, to get a clearer idea of our model and approach.
  2. Answer the questions below and submit by email to GCC in a Word document, to [email protected].
  3. Board and staff will review application. The process shouldn’t take more than one to three months if all questions are answered.
  4. If you have any questions contact Executive Director, Clifford Maynes, 705 745 7479 x 118, [email protected].

The application

Please provide the following information (use of web links to support application is fine for longer answers)

  1. Contact information (organization name and website, mailing address, phone number, point of contact and position)
  2. Date of incorporation as a non-profit. Date of charitable registration if applicable.
  3. Evidence that the applicant is community-based, i.e., based within the community served by the member, serving a defined territory that will generally conform to appropriate municipal boundaries. We are looking for evidence of a broad and substantial community base, as demonstrated by partnerships (list examples), board membership (see below), endorsements, track record, profile, and reputation. Please indicate the territory served.
  4. Evidence of appropriate programming. Our members have as a primary function to deliver environmental programs and services, preferably over a range of environmental program areas, to individuals, households and the community. Programs are results-oriented – focused on action and measurable results. Please summarize program delivery experience and current status.
  5. Demonstrated organizational capacity – minimum standards include: incorporation, permanent paid staff and management (please list, with very brief description), and an established board of directors (please list, with affiliations as appropriate.) In keeping with the principle of good governance, your board should be independent of paid staff – e.g., not just insiders and friends, but able to fulfill its oversight function and be seen by the community to do so.
  6. Endorsement of GCC policies. Please get in touch and we will forward a package of relevant corporate and governance policies. Feel free to attach your own mission/vision statements.
  7. References (key partners, funders, past board members)