Support home energy ratings!

GREEN COMMUNITIES are calling on the Ontario government to implement energy efficiency labelling of all new and existing Ontario homes, citing a new report from Ontario’s Environment Commissioner.

(See below for background on contact information to write to Premier McGuinty and Energy Minister Bentley.)

Gord Miller

Ontario’s environmental commissioner supports universal home energy ratings. So do we.

The June 2012 report from Environment Commissioner Gord Miller chides the provincial government for failing to implement home energy labelling provisions in its 2009 Green Energy Act. “[T]hree years after its passage, many of the Bill’s conservation promises remain unfulfilled, or in the case of mandatory energy audits before the sale of a home, completely abandoned,” says Miller.

The Commissioner reiterates many of the arguments voiced by Green Communities and other supporters, who were disappointed when the government dropped its promise to introduce universal ratings in the face of ill-considered opposition from realtors and opposition politicians.

As Miller notes, the ratings provide essential consumer information for home buyers and tenants. Energy efficiency labelling helps to transform the market, as sellers invest in upgrades to give their homes a more attractive performance rating.

“The Environmental Commissioner’s Office believes that the public interest is being harmed by the government’s inaction on mandatory home energy audits,” Miller says.

“Society no longer tolerates a lack of disclosure for energy performance of products such as vehicles and appliances, and it should be no different for home ownership – the largest economic commitment most people make in their lives.”

Full report available for download. See Miller video.

For more on home energy ratings, download home energy labelling backgrounder (long version), or see our website. Though they are a couple of years old, the content still applies.

Contact info:

Hon. Christopher Bentley, Minister of Energy, Hearst Block, 4th Flr, 900 Bay St, Toronto ON M7A2E1. Phone: 416-327-6758. Email:

Hon. Dalton McGuinty, Premier, Legislative Bldg, Rm 281, Queen’s Park, Toronto ON M7A 1A1. Phone: 416-325-1941. Email:  

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