Green Community Champions

The 2015 GC Awards recognize the many champions who work and volunteer with GCC and its member organizations.

Environmental Lifetime Achievement: Lucie Lavoie, EcoSuperior. A founding

Lucie Lavoie, EcoSuperior, received the 2015 Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lucie Lavoie, EcoSuperior, received the 2015 Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award.

member of EcoSuperior, Lucie works tirelessly for the organization. She developed Pesticide Free Naturally, one of GCC’s first national programs, is a tremendous staff resource and models a sustainable lifestyle.

Innovation – RAIN Business Visit Program, REEP Green Solutions. Affectionately known as “BIZZIT”, the RAIN Business Visit Program was developed to meet the needs of the non-residential sector. It has developed into a viable business opportunity with the potential to generate business for RAIN delivery agents across the country.

Outstanding Staff Person Ashley Priem, Program Coordinator, EcoSuperior. Ashley is known for successfully taking on big projects such as Thunder Bay’s first Open Streets event. A recent recipient of the Urban Innovator awards from 8-80 Cities, she has managed a wide variety of programs for EcoSuperior.

Outstanding Staff Person,Clara Blakelock, Coordinator of Water Programs, GCC. Clara is a water programs rock star who brought national attention to Depave Paradise; developed and successfully promoted the Umbrella Bulletin; has skillfully represented GCC at numerous conferences; and has organized and delivered countless webinars.

Outstanding Board Person, Sheila O’Neal, Green Venture. Sheila is an active Board member who serves as Treasurer and on the fundraising committee. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it is with folding letters and stuffing envelopes or mentoring summer students.

Outstanding Board Person, Paul Parker, REEP Green Solutions. Paul is a co-founder of REEP and its longest serving Board member. He finds creative ways to weave his personal commitment to energy sustainability and community volunteerism into every aspect of his life and is well-known for his infectious enthusiasm.

Youth Engagement – Virginia Stonehouse, Education Coordinator, Green Venture. Virginia started at Green Venture in 2009 as support staff and has worked her way up to Education Coordinator. Wildly creative, she has designed engaging activities of all grade levels and has increased the number of students participating in EcoHouse school tours every year.

Resilience Awards

City Green                                                                  10 years

Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation    15 years

EcoSuperior                                                                20 years

Green Venture                                                           20 years

Toronto Green Community                                      20 years

GCC salutes this year’s winners who receive a certificate and bragging rights for the year.


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