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There are many ways to support the Green Communities movement:

  • Set up monthly gifts – Automatic monthly gifts are a hassle-free way to donate that also allows us make the most efficient use of your donation over time.
  • Make a one time gift – Puts your full contribution to work right away.
  • Leave a legacy – Bequests are a simple and powerful way to ensure the vital work of caring for the planet carries on for future generations.  Please let us know if you would like to find out more.

Other ways to give:

  • Car Heaven – Are you getting rid of an old vehicle?  If it’s the end of the road for your car, Car Heaven will ensure all toxic substances are removed and all recyclable materials reclaimed.  And proceeds from the sale can be directed to the Green Communities Foundation.
  • Donate by mail – Cheques can be sent to Green Communities Foundation, 416 Chambers Street, Second Floor, Peterborough Ontario, K9H 3V1