Our foundation





Contributions to the charitable affiliate of Green Communities Canada help support a green and healthy future in many ways:

  • Preserving rivers and lakes. When rain falls on pavement it picks up oil, heavy metals, and pet waste and carries them into rivers and lakes. Our Depave Paradise volunteer crews rip up unwanted concrete and replace it with native plants to act as filters for polluted runoff.  
  • Addressing “energy poverty”. No-one should have to choose between heating and eating, but those living in poverty can’t afford many upgrades that would  lower their bills.  Affordable Energy works to foster community-wide retrofits for low-income and First Nations communities.
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles for children. Only 7% of Canadian children meet current physical activity guidelines. Through School Travel Planning we engage schools, parents and city planners in addressing the barriers to walking to school .  The Green Communities Foundation supports activities in  over a dozen Ottawa schools.

The Green Communities Foundation was incorporated in 2008 to help support the charitable goals of Green Communities Canada and its member organizations.   

Our charitable registration number is 81526 4890 RR0001.