Our foundation





The Green Communities Foundation is the charitable affiliate of Green Communities Canada. GCF initiates charitable projects and engages the staff of Green Communities Canada to deliver on its behalf. Contributions to the charitable affiliate of Green Communities Canada help support a green and healthy future in many ways:

  • Protecting our water. We fund programs to reduced pollution and restore natural filtration to keep water safer for drinking, swimming, and fishing.
  • Reducing flood risk. We promote green infrastructure to slow down and soak up water to reduce flooding in homes and communities.
  • Working with Indigenous youth. The Youth for Water program trains Indigenous youth to protect and promote water health in their communities.
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles for children. Through our work in active school travel, we engage children, schools, parents, and city planners in addressing the barriers to walking to school.
  • Promoting active transportation. Our work to develop a national active transportation  strategy aims to make Canada a nation in which walking and cycling are practical, convenient, safe and enjoyable for all.

The Green Communities Foundation was incorporated in 2008.

Our charitable registration number is B1526 4890 RR00001.