Kevin Behan

Appointed to the Green Communities Canada Board of Directors in 2014.

Kevin Behan is Deputy Director with Clean Air Partnership. Kevin has an Honours Kevin BehanBachelor of Science from University College Dublin and post-graduate qualifications in Business Studies and Information Technology (Dublin Business School) and Spatial Analysis and GIS (McMaster University). Kevin’s research interests include climate change mitigation and adaptation, active transportation, and the importance of effective communication in these areas.

He has previously worked in research with both the Centre for Spatial Analysis and McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics at McMaster University, employing simulation modeling to examine relationships between land use, urban development, pollution and health. Prior to this, Kevin was employed as a GIS analyst with the Government of Ireland Forestry Department, surveying forest crops and implementing sustainable harvest practices in compliance with international Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.

Kevin lives in west Toronto with his partner, 3 children and 2 cats. In his spare time Kevin enjoys cycling, camping, baseball, banjo and chasing his kids and cats up and down the street.