Dave Blake

Dave Blake

Appointed 2014.

Dave Blake is Associate Director at REEP Green Solutions in Waterloo. After 27 years in  the technology industry, Dave returned to school to complete his MBA. His goal: to help organizations manage their change initiatives, with a particular focus on sustainability.

In 2013, Dave joined Reep Green Solutions, first as Business Development Manager, and then as Associate Director. Reep, a Green Communities Canada member organization, is an environmental charity that helps people in Waterloo Region and across southwestern Ontario live sustainably.

Reep focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation, through home energy  efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and healthy yards services. Many of its programs and services use a social enterprise model.

Dave and his wife Monica live in Waterdown with their two dogs. They have raised four children, and enjoy traveling, golfing, and being active in all aspects of their lives.