About Us

Our mission:
A green and healthy future for all

GREEN COMMUNITIES CANADA (GCC) is a national association of community organizations that help people go green – in their homes and gardens, on the road, at work, and in the community.

GCC has over two dozen member organizations in every region of the country, with combined annual revenues of $24 million, 600 employees, and more than 2000 volunteers.

GCC and its member organizations work together to help Canadians:

  • improve the health of our communities
  • conserve resources for future generations
  • reduce pollution

GCC also works to strengthen its member organizations by helping them to:

  • increase their capacity to deliver programs and services
  • share knowledge and best practices
  • benefit from economies of scale

Find out what Green Communities Canada and its members can do for you:

If you are a homeowner or business who needs help contact your local Green Community.

If you are interested in partnering with us on a national or provincial level contact us.

Here’s how to become a GCC member organization.

Here’s how to start a Green Community in your area.