Let’s restore federal retrofit incentives

Pictured right: Minister of Natural Resources Amarjeet Sohi and Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna.

Home energy and GHG savings for Ontario:

• Establish ratings-based federal home energy retrofit incentive program.

• Invest $150 M from Low Carbon Economy Fund over two years in Ontario.

• Retrofit 50,000 Ontario homes.

• Launch 1 January 2019.

• Make available for use in other provinces w/o residential programs.

Multiple benefits:

• Quantifies energy and carbon savings (vs rebates). PAY FOR RESULTS!

• Saves more than it costs; makes us richer and greener. A “conservation pipeline.”

• Generates ongoing bill savings, economic stimulus, jobs – distributed across all communities.

• Generates co-benefits: infrastructure savings, housing upgrades, air quality/smog/health.

• Fills gap left by Ontario with proven successful and popular incentive program. High profile.

• Engages Ontario homeowners in personal climate action; builds support for pan-Canadian action.

• Leverages homeowner investment of ~ $375M. Generates GST revenues of ~$19M.

• Ramps up EnerGuide delivery capacity to deliver universal time of sale ratings.

ERS – the perfect tool:

• NRCan’s state-of-the-art EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) provides trusted science-based advice.

• Rewards homeowners for achieved energy and GHG savings. PAY FOR RESULTS!

• Track record: 800,000 retrofits completed across Canada, 2003-12.

• ERS system and NRCan infrastructure in place (modest staff increases required).

• Provides built-in quality assurance, verification. Prevents fraud.

• Respected by provinces, utilities – used for building code compliance, utility programs

• Mature ratings industry in place, and ready to staff up quickly to serve added demand.

Fills the Ontario gap

• Ontario withdrawing from cap and trade, spending cuts underway.

• Previous Ontario incentive program funded with carbon dollars ($100M) ends fall 2018.

• A small ongoing utility-funded program will be restricted to gas company customers.

• Ontario needs an unbiased all-fuel residential program available to all homes.

• ERS-based incentives will be federally branded, but ready for provincial, utility partnerships.

Green Communities Canada

• National non-profit established 1995.

• First EnerGuide service organization, provided technical feedback and advice.

• Initiated and designed first EnerGuide-based incentive program, conducted successful pilot. • Over 100,000 EnerGuide ratings completed

• Contact: Clifford Maynes, Executive Director, [email protected]; 705 745 7479 x 118.


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